Here you can find some helpful information to support you to complete the online job application form when applying for a role with CWP.

Your application form plays an important role in the recruitment process and a great application makes a great first impression, helping you to stand out against other applicants and increase your chances of being invited to interview.
It’s important to take your time to complete the form in full and accurately. This will help us to decide whether to shortlist you and invite you to an interview with us.

To help you, you may find it useful to ask yourself why you are interested in the job.  Ask yourself:

•    Do you have the relevant experience and/or qualifications required for the role?
•    Do you share our Trust values? 
•    Why do you think you would be a good fit for the role?

Understanding what the role involves and the essential criteria required will help you in completing your application.
When we shortlist, we look at how well you demonstrate on your application form that you meet the essential (and desirable) criteria for the role, so please make sure you evidence as much of the person specification as possible. 

To do this, you need to demonstrate you have the necessary qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience and values, and provide clear examples within the supporting information section.

Never submit the same application form twice for two different roles. Always adapt it to show how you meet the person specification of the post you are applying for.  

Must dos when completing your application

  • Provide details of all relevant education and qualifications (start with your most recent qualification and work backwards)
  • Provide a full employment history (start with your current or most recent role and work backwards)
  • Provide an explanation of any gaps in your employment history in the relevant section of your application form
  • Provide details of your referees (including email addresses) - you must provide references for all employment or training you have undertaken in the last three years

The 'supporting information' section is your opportunity to sell yourself – think of this as your covering letter - so make sure you use it to your advantage. You can include any information here which has not been covered elsewhere on your application form.  However, please remember to keep the information relevant for the job you are applying for. In fact, providing a small amount of information which clearly relates to the requirements of the person specification is much better than providing lots of information which is not particularly relevant to the role. 

If your application for a post with us has been successful, you will be invited to attend an interview. Your interview confirmation will confirm who your interview is with, the venue and time of the interview and any other information relating to the selection process.

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