Induction of new staff

At Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, we believe in giving our staff the time to care, the space to think and the opportunity to grow.

Your development is important to us and we are passionate about working with our staff to create opportunities for you to develop in your current role and beyond.

We offer a range of induction programmes, clinical education and professional development with a strong clinical support network and dedicated professional advisors.

We are proud to be rated Outstanding for Caring overall by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Good in all other domains - Safe, Effective, Responsive and Well-led.

We have a range of opportunities for staff across different profession and services, including nursing, allied health professions, medical, psychology, pharmacy, corporate, administrative, and clinical support roles.

We think the data speaks for itself but don’t just take our word for it – hear from some of our staff who work for CWP. 

What our staff say about working for CWP

We asked our new starters a series of questions to find out about their experiences working for CWP during their first few weeks and months in post. Here's what they told us.

Has your job turned out as expected from your application and interview?

"Supporting families who have children with disabilities has been challenging and rewarding."

"Actually, much more than I expected - fabulous opportunity."

"The job matches the job description and there are even more development opportunities than I originally thought."

"The job specification was very closely matched with the role. I've had a lot of support and flexibility to develop in areas and also do work which I enjoy."

"Yes, it is something I love doing and I work with a brilliant team."

Has your contribution, development, and wellbeing been supported?

"I have been made to feel very welcome and part of a team, in my short time with the service I feel like I am already part of the furniture!"

"Wellbeing is supported extremely well by all colleagues and development is acknowledged with positive feedback regularly."

"Yes, my manager has looked into the option for mental health nursing funding for my progression."

"I feel part of a supportive team."

"I receive regular supervision and peer group supervision. I have also been encouraged to attend many various training opportunities. My achievements are recognised and celebrated within the team."

"I have been appreciated by my team for the work that I do."

Is there anything else you want to share about your experience at CWP so far?

"I love my job because of the flexibility that I can also work from home and the brilliant team that I work with."

"By joining the team, I'm now less anxious and my stress levels are very low. This has made a difference to my health and wellbeing. They're an amazing team."

"It was good to meet the Chief Executive - who clearly exudes good values - at the Trust induction day."

"So far it's been excellent - great organisation."

"From working in other organisations, I feel CWP looks after staff and listens to their views more, and I feel valued."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working for CWP so far and I am excited for future opportunities to come."