If you are a newly-qualified nurse or allied health professional (AHP), we have a supportive preceptorship programme to help you make the transition from student to experienced practitioner within CWP.

Our structured preceptorship programme will support your growth and development, and help you build your confidence and put the knowledge and skills you have obtained through your qualification into practice with the support and guidance of a more experienced colleague. 

You will be entitled to 75 hours of protected learning time and be able to attend our 4 online teaching sessions.

I'm Szerenka but most people know me as Sez. I’m a mental health nurse on Bollin acute admissions ward in Macclesfield.

My first experience of CWP was when I completed the final placement of my training with the Trust in 2014. From day one stepping onto the ward, the staff and teamwork was evident and by the end of my first shift I felt a valued member of the team.

Three years on, that team spirit is more prominent than ever and I feel part of a special NHS family, with some work colleagues becoming really good close friends.

Sez mental health nurse.jpgDuring my time working on Bollin both as a student and qualified nurse, I’ve had to face challenging situations, but I always try to make sure we are offering the best care to patients.

My roles and responsibilities, whilst working on the ward include assessing patients using evidence-based practice and offering therapeutic one-to-one sessions.  

During this time, it is important to build relationships with patients to encourage trust, while listening to and interpreting their needs and concerns and applying 'de-escalation' techniques to help people manage their emotions and behaviour.

I enjoy working as part of a team, whether that’s as part of the wider multi-disciplinary team, acting as shift coordinator for the nursing team or supporting students or junior members of the team.

When joining CWP as a newly qualified nurse, I was offered to partake in a ‘Preceptorship Programme’. This is where newly qualified professionals, including nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists meet every six weeks to discuss any challenges and share best practice. Preceptorship really helped me to manage the transition from student to professional by offering lots of support and relevant training. I'd recommend it to any newly qualified colleagues.

CWP is the perfect place for anyone wanting to enjoy a challenging and unique career. The Trust offers fantastic support, great colleagues and a chance to make a real difference to people’s lives.